Kitesurfing rules on the water

When kitesurfing, you can never be too thorough when it comes to your safety! There are many kitesurfing rules - even unwritten ones. Here's our take on the most important kitesurfing rules on the water that you should know.

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Stay away from others on the water

You should always stay away from other users on the water. Do not kitesurf in between swimmers, surfers, windsurfers and other water users! Always kitesurf down wind and away from other water users. Also avoid jumping over waves where you can't see if there is someone behind you.

Be able to save yourself

As a kitesurfer, it is incredibly important that you are able to rescue yourself if the kite falls into the water or another accident happens. It is important that you can water-launch the kite, and if the kite can't come up, it is important that you can swim with your gear to shore. You should never kitesurf further out than you can swim back from, and you should also avoid going out on the water alone as much as possible.

Know the rules of the road

It is important that you know the rules of the road for sailing vessels and surfers - especially if you are surfing with others. Knowing the rules of the road will help you avoid collisions with kites:

  • The kitesurfer going out on the water has the right of way over the kitesurfer coming in from the water. As the wind is often more turbulent on land, there is also the greatest risk there.
  • The kitesurfer sailing starboard has the right of way. The kitesurfer sailing on port shall give way and sail downwind and keep the kite as low as possible.

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