Should I choose new or used kitesurfing equipment?

Kitesurfing is a growing water sport. More and more people are getting into kitesurfing and the industry is developing rapidly!

When you are a new kitesurfer, there is a lot of new/used kitesurfing equipment that you need to buy in order to get started with the sport after your kitesurfing course. However, many beginners often get confused about whether to buy new or used kitesurfing equipment when researching the market.

Kursister på stranden med kite

Pros and cons of new kitesurfing equipment

New kitesurfing equipment will of course always be more expensive than used kitesurfing equipment. A new kite alone typically costs between 10.000-15.0000 kroner. However, the advantage of new kitesurfing equipment is that you can be sure that it will not fail. New kitesurfing equipment has a much higher level of safety and is also often better and easier to handle as a beginner. If there are any problems with the equipment, you are also covered by a 2-year warranty and possible guarantee, which you can't count on if you buy used kitesurfing equipment.

Pros and cons of used kitesurfing equipment

New kitesurfing equipment can be quite expensive, so it can be tempting to buy used equipment at a cheaper price, which can also be a good investment. However, if you are looking for used kitesurfing equipment, we recommend that you don't buy equipment that is more than three years old. This is because the newer the kitesurfing equipment, the better and safer it is. However, sometimes you may find that the kite is many years old and hardly used, or that the kite is less than 3 years old but worn and repaired many times. Therefore, it is important that you always make sure that the kite is in good condition if you choose to buy a used one, so that you are sure that safety is in order.

How to check the condition of used kitesurfing equipment

If you are looking to buy used kitesurfing equipment, it is important that you check the condition of the equipment. You do this in the following way:

  • Check the canopy (cloth). Is the material worn or does it have other defects? Stretch marks and faded colors on the material are typically an indication that the kite has been used a lot. If necessary, place the kite in the sun or in front of a light to see if there are any small holes in the fabric.
  • Check the leading edge and the middle cone to see if there are any holes or other scares. It is often around the leading edge that holes are missed. If you can see the bladder through the holes, it should be repaired immediately.
  • Check if the kite is leaking. To do this, inflate the kite hard and leave it for a few hours. Make sure you close the valve properly.
  • Check for any damage to pigtails, bridles and pulleys. If they are very worn, it is also often an indication that the kite has been used a lot.

If there is any major damage to the kite, you should always get a professional sailmaker's assessment and have him repair it if possible.

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