Kitesurfing in Denmark - Everything you need to know

Kitesurfing is a cool and exciting sport where you are in contact with both the water and the wind on the waves. It's an adrenaline-filled experience and you won't regret it once you get started! Kitekollektivet guides you on how to quickly and easily get started with kitesurfing in Denmark.

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Part 1) Before your kitesurfing course


What is kitesurfing?
Kitesurfing is a water sport where you are pulled through the water by the power of a steerable kite (kite). The kitesurfer uses a board and a kite to surf the water and all you need is wind and water. The kite allows you to surf at high speed and with big jumps of up to 20-30 meters in length.

How do I get started with kitesurfing?
There are many ways to get started with the sport of kitesurfing in the UK. It doesn't require any special skills on your part and it's an easy sport to get started.

We always recommend starting with a course. It is almost impossible as a beginner to learn to kitesurf without an instructor. At Kitekollektivet we offer several different types of courses and we are sure that there is a course for you and your needs. See all our kitesurfing courses.

What do I need to know to kitesurf?
Kitesurfing does not require any special skills, fitness or age. In short: The sport is for everyone! So don't hesitate to get started. With a course at Kitekollektivet we bring all the equipment you need. All you need is good energy and a good mood.

How long does it take to learn to kitesurf? Should I choose a 5 or 10 hours
For some it takes 5 hours on the water to learn to kitesurf. For others it takes 10 hours+ to learn to kitesurf. Most people have their first rides of a few meters after 3-10 hours on the water. Have you snowboarded, windsurfed or skateboarded? Chances are you can learn a bit faster, as these experiences can be transferred to kitesurfing. You just have to get started!

What to choose - 5 or 10 hours, private or group course?
After a 10-hour course, there's a good chance you'll be able to kitesurf on your own and feel confident on the water. Kitesurfing is something everyone can learn! Of course, the sport requires effort and giving it your all. During a course, you will receive both theoretical and practical training and will then have the knowledge and skills to practice the sport and stay safe.

You can also take a 5-hour course to see if kitesurfing is for you before you take on more lessons. A 5-hour course will give you a feel for the sport, but you probably won't be confident on the water on your own yet. You can choose private, partner or group courses with us. With a private course, the learning curve is steepest and you learn a lot about the sport in a short time. With a buddy course and group course, you have one or more people to support you and it can be a really nice trip on the water with others.

Is it hard to kitesurf?
To start off : Everyone can learn to kitesurf! It requires wind understanding and board control. These two factors can be learned in a 10-hour kitesurfing course. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. It feels difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. A course teaches you the basic theory and practicalities so you can go kitesurfing independently with friends / kitekollektivet.

Where to learn to kitesurf?
Find a local kite school near you! Kitekollektivet runs kitesurfing courses on ALL of Zealand and has a large network and community of kitesurfers who go out and kitesurf together. So you always have someone to go out on the water with when the wind blows!

Learning to kitesurf on a course is the best and most recommended start to your kitesurfing adventure.

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Part 2) Your kitesurfing course

Is kitesurfing dangerous?
Kitesurfing is considered an extreme sport, but with the right attention to safety and stable equipment, it is not a dangerous sport. Therefore, choose as new equipment as possible, as all new kites nowadays have a safety system. We always recommend that you take a kitesurfing course before going out on the water. Without a course and a proper understanding of the sport, kitesurfing can be dangerous for yourself and others.

For example, you'll need to know the rules of the wake, learn to be aware of your surroundings and weather conditions and know how to perform a self-rescue. Everything you need to know to become an independent kitesurfer you'll learn on your kitesurfing course.

I don't want to surf alone. Where can I find a community for kitesurfers in Denmark?
Through Kitekollektivet it is possible to become part of a large kitesurfing community. Today we are over 100 members who together share positive kitesurfing experiences and our passion for the sport of kitesurfing. There is room for everyone and we are sure that you will have many great experiences as part of the community.

Members of Kitekollektivet get the opportunity to participate in joint surfing sessions that we plan through our common Facebook group, you get the opportunity to participate in trips and events for members and you get discounts on kite equipment. As a member of Kitekollektivet you never have to surf alone! Become a member of Kitekollektivet for only DKK 500 annually. Sign up here

What kite equipment do I need?
Once you have completed your first course and have fallen in love with the sport, you can buy your own equipment. You can buy your equipment through Kitekollektivet. We offer both wetsuits incl. boots as well as complete kitesurfing packages with kite, board and bar. As a member at Kitekollektivet you also get discounts on your new kitesurfing equipment at kent from

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And get discount your new kite equipment on

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Part 3) After kitesurfing course

Where can I kitesurf in Denmark?
Kitesurfing just requires wind and water, and there are many great spots in Denmark for kitesurfing. With a kite, you can do the sport wherever you want and whenever you want - as long as there's wind. Which spots can you go to? Use the in-depth website Kitemekka to find a spot plus description near you!

Remember at Kitekollektivet we offer kitesurfing courses at spots all over Zealand.

What size kite should I use?
Your body weight determines how big a kite you need to take out on the water in a given wind strength. Take a look at this graph to get an idea of what size kite you need as a beginner. In terms of what size kites to buy and have the opportunity to take out, the typical setup is a kite of 9m2, 12m2 and if you want to buy a third then 7m2 would fit well. In Denmark you are well covered with these three sizes.

Read also the post 'Which kite should I choose?

Feel free to call Kent from to hear what makes sense for you!

Can you kitesurf in winter in Denmark?
Yes, you can! However, kitesurfing in winter requires a little extra equipment. A thicker suit, a tight hood, gloves and a positive attitude and you're ready to hit the water. Not everyone is up for it. But you can kitesurf in winter if you want it badly enough!

I want to kitesurf abroad. What do I do?
Kitekollektivet offers adrenaline-filled adventures to Kenya during the winter. If you want to go kitesurfing it's a great opportunity to go with a bunch of great people who all have one thing in common - they love kitesurfing. You'll develop your kitesurfing skills in stunning natural surroundings and warm winds.

Read more in this post about the Kenya trip and Anders, who lives and runs our kitesurfing trip to Kenya.

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Anders kitesurfing abroad and in Denmark

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