Which kite should I choose?

When choosing and buying your first kite, there are several things you should be aware of now that you have completed your kitesurfing course. Among other things, you should consider the following three things: weight, wind strength and kite shape.

which kite should I choose

Which kite should I choose?

The size of your kite depends on how much you weigh. Even if kitesurfing in the same weather conditions, a heavier person will need a bigger kite than a smaller person. However, most companies selling kites have a guideline table to get an idea of the relationship between weight and kite sizes. However, the recommendations typically differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to use the correct chart.

Wind speed
The wind strength also has an impact on the size of your kite. If it's often very windy at the spot where you kitesurf, you will benefit from a smaller kite - and vice versa. It's always a good idea to ask the local kitesurfers, as they often have information about the kite spot that weather forecasts don't have. Most kitesurfers in Denmark also have multiple kites due to the varying weather conditions, so it can also be a good idea to ask the local kitesurfers about which size kite is best on that particular day.

Kite shapes
It's also a good idea to choose a kite that has some characteristics that are easy to develop. For example, easy relaunch and a large wind range so you can progress faster. These features are typically found on delta kites and bow kites, which are two of the four types of kites available:

Delta kite
The Delta kite has a shape that makes it easy to relaunch. By simply pulling on one side of the bar, the kite will automatically lift off the water after a few seconds. In addition, delta kites are also a little bit slower, which makes them more stable in the air. Delta kites are therefore very suitable for beginners and freeride.

Bow kites
Bow kites have a shape that gives the kite great wind range and good upwind properties, which also makes it suitable for beginners. Bow kites are a very popular kite shape and are additionally best for freedrice, old school, light wind and racing.

C-kites have a shape that offers good stability and pop on unhooked tricks. C-kites are more suited to experienced kitesurfers who focus on freestyle and wakestyle, which is what C-kites are best for.

Hybrid kites
Hybrid kites are a combination of bow kites and C-kites. Hybrid kites offer the best of both kites and thus more options. It is suitable for intermediate and experienced kitesurfers who have built up a good kite control. Hybrid kites are best for freeride, big air, wave surfing and freestyle.

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