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SUP Courses at Kitekollektivet

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is an older form of surfing that originated in Hawaii in the 60s. Today, it is one of the fastest growing sports due to its versatility. It can be practiced in big waves, on flat water and on rivers. In other words, everyone can participate regardless of temperament and physical fitness - SUP courses are for everyone!

SUP on calm coasts, in harbors and lakes is relatively easy to learn - most people can become familiar with the activity after one hour of instruction. You'll quickly learn to balance on the board - even in wind and waves. You'll learn to paddle efficiently enough to handle currents and headwinds, and to make turns. Without you even realizing it, you'll be getting plenty of movement and strengthening your body and balance.

If you like beautiful and quiet nature or a good workout with or without waves, SUP is for you! It is also a great activity with family, friends or colleagues. Check out our range of SUP courses below - it's fun and easy to get started!

Stand up paddle (Sup) Courses Kitekollektivet

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SUP courses

Intro SUP kursus

Et intro SUP kursus er til jer, som aldrig har prøvet SUP før. Dette SUP kursus henvender sig derfor til nybegyndere, som ønsker at lære de basale teknikker, håndtering af udstyret og sikkerhed. Gennem effektiv undervisning og feedback af jeres egen instruktør, får I de bedste muligheder for at komme op og stå og padle sikkert. Da SUP-kurset foregår sammen med andre, giver det mulighed for at motivere og lære af hinanden. Vores instruktører instruerer dog højst 10 kursister ad gangen for at sikre jer alle det størst mulige udbytte af kurset.

Et SUP introkursus inkluderer egen instruktør samt alt nødvendigt udstyr. Vær opmærksom på at kurset kun afholdes ved Sydvestpynten i København.

Pris pr. person DKK 345,- Tilbud 249,-

Privat SUP kursus

Et privat SUP kursus er til jer, som søger maksimalt udbytte og læring. Gennem effektiv undervisning og feedback af jeres egen instruktør, får I de bedste muligheder for at komme op og stå og padle sikkert. Kurset tilrettelægges specifikt efter jeres ønsker og behov, så privatundervisning kan hjælpe jer til at nå jeres mål, uanset om I har erfaring med SUP eller ej. Vores instruktører instruerer højst 10 kursister ad gangen for at sikre jer alle det størst mulige udbytte af SUP kurset. Et privat SUP kursus varer 60 minutter, men hvis I vælger at opgradere SUP kurset til 120 minutter, får I halv pris på 2. time.

Et privat SUP kursus inkluderer egen instruktør samt alt nødvendigt udstyr. Vær opmærksom på, at kurset kun afholdes ved Sydvestpynten i København.

Privat lektion (60 min) DKK 595,-
Book 120 min nu og få halv pris DKK 892,-

team building

A SUP course is an ideal activity for team building with colleagues, a bachelor party with friends or a class event at your school. The course provides an opportunity to motivate and learn from each other as you, in interaction with your instructor, learn the basic techniques and share a fun experience on the water together. However, our instructors instruct a maximum of 20 students at a time to ensure you all get the most out of the course.

A SUP team building course includes two instructors and all necessary equipment. Please note that the course is only held at Sydvestpynten in Copenhagen.

Minimum 6 participants
Price per person DKK 399,-

Equipment rental for SUP

Rental services

At Kitekollektivet you can also rent SUP if you are familiar with the sport and have taken an introductory course.

All equipment can only be rented at the Surf Center at Kalvebodvej 250, 2791 Dragør.

Terms and conditions
Rental equipment must be picked up and returned within the Surf Center's opening hours. The equipment must be returned dry and cleaned, if this is not the case, a service fee of DKK 150 will be charged.

Daily rental is valid for 24 hours. This means that if you rent the equipment on Wednesday at 16:00, it must be returned no later than Thursday at 16:00. Late returns will be invoiced for an extra day. 

Get dressed for stand up paddle

Shop at Kitekollektivet

Kitekollektivet and Kitesport.nu have joined forces to offer all the best of kite-, wind- and wing surfing as well as SUP. Therefore, you will find lots of quality equipment on both the webshop and in our physical store in the Surfcenter.

We offer a service where it is possible for you to test different products on the water before deciding which kite equipment suits you best.

So if you are looking for new kite, wind or wing equipment such as kite, sail, board, twintip, neoprene gloves, neoprene wetsuit, neoprene shoes, trapeze etc. please contact us.

Our shop
You will find our shop at the Surfcenter at Kalvebodvej 250, 2791 Dragør. Here you have the opportunity to try the equipment directly before you decide.

Find the equipment you need and have it shipped directly to your home or to your nearest PO box.

kitekollektivet sup courses

Learn more about SUP at Kitekollektivet


SUP is a great sport to practice both alone and with others. The only requirement to join is that you can swim a minimum of 200 meters.

We teach SUP at Sydvestpynten in Dragør, Copenhagen. 

Sydvestpynten is known for good conditions, where you can bottom up to 100/200 meters out. There is a sandy bottom and very few rocks.

On all our SUP courses all necessary equipment is included. Therefore, all you need to bring is a bottle of water, swimwear, towel and sunscreen. You can also bring a hat and/or sunglasses if needed.

There are changing rooms, showers and toilets at the Surf Center.

If you have little or no experience with SUP, we always recommend taking a SUP course. Before you go out on the water on your own, you should be able to do the following:

  • You must be able to keep your balance on the board even on smaller waves
  • You should be able to paddle into a headwind without problems
  • You must be able to get on the board in deep water
  • You need to know about safe weather conditions for SUP
  • You must be able to take 100% responsibility for yourself and your equipment
  • You need to know what to do if you drift away from the shore
  • You need to know how to do a power turn

When you are on a course at Kitekollektivet, our insurance covers third parties in case you are unfortunate enough to hit others with the equipment. 

Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover you and it is therefore important that you check if you have an insurance that covers you in case of injury/accident. We are very safety conscious, but recommend that you check with your insurance before you go on a course.

You must provide your own transportation to our Surfcenter. All wing surf lessons take place at Sydvestpynten close to the Surfcenter, where there is both good parking conditions and you can easily take the bus to.


Our good cooperation with Kitesport.nu means that we can offer good prices and offers to all our members. Write an email to kontakt@kitekollektivet.dk with your needs.