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Nyd godt at vores tilbud

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Windsurfing courses at Kitekollektivet

Velkommen til vores side for windsurfing kurser. Her finder du alle vores forskellige kursus-tilbud, booking samt FAQ.

Windsurfing is a relatively easy water sport to get started with, where you will quickly experience sailing on the water. 

Windsurfing kurser ved Sydvestpynten i København foregår på fladt vand med sandbund, hvor du kan bunde alle vegne. Det giver dig de bedste rammer for at komme hurtigt og sikkert i gang med sporten. 

At Kitekollektivet you can choose between two types of windsurfing course - class and private.

windsurfing event hos kitekollektivet
Windsurferhar det sjovt på vandet

We recommend this package

Windsurfing kurser 4 lektioner for 3 lektioners pris

This package is a great way to learn how to windsurf properly - and at your own pace. You choose the days that suit you for the windsurfing lessons. Each lesson is 3 hours long. 

 Once you have paid for the course, you will receive an email with a code that you can use to book your future courses. You can book one course at a time, at your convenience, or all four at the same time. 

The package is valid for one year from the date of purchase and can only be used to book for one person. This means that you cannot buy a package and share it with someone else.

Own instructor

All equipment included

100% wind guarantee

4 lessons of 3 hours each

Price per person DKK 1795,-

Save DKK 585,-.

Get 3 hours of group lessons

Windsurfing Introkursus

When you join a class, you will be in a mixed group where you can participate at all levels. Typically, we will divide the class into two levels and as far as possible take your level as a starting point with tips, tricks and sparring. Please note that beginner equipment is used in windsurfing classes.

To join a class, you must be at least 12 years old and able to swim 200 meters, if this is not the case, you can opt for a private course instead.

Joint instructor

All equipment included

100% wind guarantee

1 lesson of 3 hours

Price per person DKK 595,-

Max 10 participants per team

introkursus hos kitekollektivet
SUP Kursus med kitekollektivet

Get 2.5 hours of private course

Privat windsurfing kursus

Ønsker du i stedet at øve med fodstropper, strapez og jibes, så skal du booke et privat windsurfing kursus. Du kan også booket et privatkursus, selvom du er begynder, hvis du f.eks. ønsker egen instruktør.

Et privat windsurfing kursus kan afholdes for 1-7 personer og er til dig eller din gruppe, hvor du/I får egen instruktør. Dette kursus kan afholdes på lige præcis det niveau, som ønskes.

Own instructor

All equipment included

100% wind guarantee

1 lesson of 2,5 hours

Price per person DKK 1549,-

Get extra attention for your course

Windsurfing equipment rental

Rental services

At Kitekollektivet you can rent windsurfing equipment if you have had an intro course with us or another provider and are familiar with the sport.

All equipment can only be rented at the Surf Center at Kalvebodvej 250, 2791 Dragør.

Terms and conditions
Rental equipment must be picked up and returned within the Surf Center's opening hours. The equipment must be returned dry and cleaned, if this is not the case, a service fee of DKK 150 will be charged.

Daily rental is valid for 24 hours. This means that if you rent the equipment on Wednesday at 16:00, it must be returned no later than Thursday at 16:00. Late returns will be invoiced for an extra day. 

When renting equipment, you must submit/show photo identification and pay a deposit of DKK 1500. 

Get a good offer

Shop at Kitekollektivet

Kitekollektivet and Kitesport.nu have joined forces to offer all the best of kite-, wind- and wing surfing as well as SUP. Therefore, you will find lots of quality equipment on both the webshop and in our physical store in the Surfcenter.

We offer a service where it is possible for you to test different products on the water before deciding which kite equipment suits you best.

So if you are looking for new kite, wind or wing equipment such as kite, sail, board, twintip, neoprene gloves, neoprene wetsuit, neoprene shoes, trapeze etc. please contact us.

Our shop
You will find our shop at the Surfcenter at Kalvebodvej 250, 2791 Dragør. Here you have the opportunity to try the equipment directly before you decide.

Find the equipment you need and have it shipped directly to your home or to your nearest PO box.


Bliv klogere på vores Windsurfing kurser


The Kite Collective and our courses are for everyone who wants to windsurf. 

To participate in our team courses, you must be at least 12 years old and be able to swim 200 meters with a life jacket on. 

On our private courses, we generally do not teach children under the age of 12 without special agreement. We have equipment for everyone, regardless of height and width.

Kitekollektivet og vores windsurfing kurser er for alle der har lyst til at windsurfe. 

We do not have an ambition to handle as many students as possible, but to teach everyone in our collective to windsurf safely and with maximum pleasure. Common to the courses is the ambition that everyone has a skilled starting point to stand on their own after completing the course. In Kitekollektivet we offer group and private courses.

‍Private kurser: Det private windsurfing kursus er til dig/jer, der ønsker egen instruktør. Private kurser kan afholdes for 1-7 personer og kan både være for begyndere eller øvede. 

Hold kurser: På vores hold windsurfing kursus deltager du i en blandet gruppe med andre, hvor I deles om instruktøren. Der bruges begynderudstyr på alle vores hold-kurser.

When you are on a course at Kitekollektivet, our insurance covers third parties in case you are unfortunate enough to hit others with the equipment.

Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover you and it is therefore important that you check if you have an insurance that covers you in case of injury/accident. We are very safety conscious, but recommend that you check with your insurance before you go on a course.

beginner's equipment is used on all our team courses.

As a windsurfer, you are dependent on the wind, which is why Kitekollektivet always gives a wind guarantee. This means that should the wind fail or be too strong on the agreed day, we will agree on a new date as soon as possible where your course will be held.

beginner's equipment is used on all our team courses.

Vores Windsurfing kurser afholdes ved Sydvestpynten i Dragør, København.

Det eneste, du skal medbringe på vores windsurfing kurser, er badetøj & håndklæde samt tøj, der passer til vejrforholdene, da vi starter på land. Derudover anbefaler vi, at du medbringer lidt snacks og drikke samt eventuelt solcreme på de varme dage.

There are changing rooms, showers and toilets at the Surf Center. 

Du skal selv sørge for at transportere dig til vores Surfcenter. Al windsurf undervisning foregår på Sydvestpynten tæt ved Surfcentret, hvor der både er gode parkeringsforhold og man nemt kan tage bussen til. (bus 33)

Our good cooperation with Kitesport.nu means that we can offer good prices and offers to all our members. Write an email to kontakt@kitekollektivet.dk with your needs.