Kitesurfing spots in Zealand

On Bipper, Kitemekka's new successor, you can find information about kite conditions at more than 200 selected Danish beaches. Bipper also allows kitesurfers to agree with each other where and when they go on the water. A key part of Bipper is that you can be beeped - if a user you follow creates an event, is at a surfing location or shares a here-and-now status, you'll get a beep about it. It's a great way for newbies to get to know other kitesurfers and kitespots.

Kitesurfing spot on Zealand

Here are Kitekollektivet's recommendations for good beginner spots on Zealand:

The spot at Lynæs is a large area with shallow water, which works in wind directions from southeast to west. Lynæs Surfcenter is also located right by the spot.

Landerslev and Dalbyhuse
This spot is located south of Jægerspris, and Dalbyhuse is located in the same bay. They are two different launch areas, and the spot works in west to north wind directions. The water is shallow, but it can sometimes be too shallow, so it's a good idea to check the water level before you go here.

Level Bay
The spot at Nivå Bugt works in eastern directions. There are two bays, but the first is a bathing beach where surfing is not allowed - at least not in summer. The bay south of Nivå Harbor is shallow.

The south-western tip of Amager
At the southwest tip of Amager is a large shallow water area that works in westerly wind directions. There are a number of large stones that you have to be careful with. Note, however, that some parts of the beach are protected during certain periods of the year. This spot is also called SVP.

At Dragør is the spot Sylten, which works in easterly wind directions. The area is large, but there are also a number of large stones in the water, which you have to be careful of. Note, however, that large parts of the area are also protected during certain periods of the year.

Farø, located between Zealand and Falster, is a good beginner's spot that works west, southwest, east and northeast. The water is shallow and it is possible to park very close to the beach. The spot often works in the summer, but here it sometimes seems as if there is a bit of a thermal, which is why there is often a little more wind than the weather forecast promises.