Kitesurfing enthusiast Anders Linnet: "You have to set some goals in life. And then it's just about practicing and not getting stuck"

Anders Linnet har kitesurfet i over 20 år.

I samarbejde med Kitekollektivet inviterer han kiteinteresserede på en unik kitesurfferie med indlogering i hans hjem i Kenya.

kitekollektivet anders on the water
kitekollektivet anders on the water


"If I had to be long-winded, I would like to beat the record that the old man had out on the Southwest Spit. He was 87 and died of a heart attack out on the water. It was pretty brilliant. It's good to set yourself some goals in life. And then it's just about practicing and not getting stuck," says Anders Linnet about his great interest, kitesurfing.

It may not be the way we all want to go from here, but Anders is an enthusiast with such a passion for kitesurfing that it will of course be a part of his life until the very end. Anders has even built a house at Diani Beach in Kenya, to have the opportunity to surf all year round and share his surfing experiences with other kite passionate people. Therefore, the collaboration with Kitekollektivet is obvious, as Kitekollektivet is an organization that wants to gather kite enthusiasts and create a community around the sport

Makuti House
Anders' house is called Makuti House. This is where Anders and Kitekollektivet will accommodate kite enthusiasts this winter on a unique kitesurfing vacation in Kenya.

"I designed and built the house myself. The design is a fusion of Danish architecture and Kenyan building traditions. There is an austerity in the architecture, but also a huge 'thatched roof' made from palm leaves. There is a common room that contains a fantastic kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the house and there are always many fun and cozy moments here."

Anders can go on and on about his house and it's clear that it holds a big place in his heart. The house has not only given him the opportunity to kitesurf all year round, but has also provided a space to invite people in and share life stories and quirky experiences. Anders is a true bon vivant, and his openness and humor is nothing but life-affirming.

A trip for everyone
Diani Beach is an unspoilt white sandy beach with plenty of space and without many tourists. The water is completely turquoise and clear. 900 meters out from the beach is a reef, whereby most of the surfing takes place in a lagoon. At high tide, experienced surfers can also experience some great kite sessions at the reef, where waves form. There is also a coastline of about 25 km where you can surf "downwind", i.e. surf a long stretch in the direction of the wind. According to Anders, the trip is suitable for both experienced and beginners, as the tides and stable wind conditions provide optimal conditions for everyone.

Kitesurfingin warm and beautiful surroundings
But why can't you just take your kite out in Denmark? Anders, who has kitesurfed in many of the world's oceans, is in no doubt "Winter is long and cramped and dark and rainy. So getting some sun and vitamin D is really good for body and soul. And why not kitesurfing, too, if you like it or have a strong urge to get started."

A trip to Kenya and Anders not only provides a community of kite passionate people, but also a trip to beautiful Kenya and all it has to offer of sunshine, good wind conditions, beautiful nature and countless unique experiences.

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